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Over 12 years experience helping students achieve their academic goals. We're proud of our proven success, and we love what we do.

The Fluency Factory is a tutoring center in Cohasset, MA helping to support students in reading, math, science, English and English composition.

Research Based Tutoring in All Subjects, Test Preparation including ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, SAT, and ACT, Intensive Catch-Up, Accelerated Learning and Special Education Programs for K-12 Students.

Hours:  Weekdays Noon -  8:30pm (Friday Until 5:30pm), Saturdays 8am - Noon


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Our Achievements: Student Stories



Sarah was an 8th grade, high achieving student who was diagnosed as dyslexic, and her mother asked us to work with her on increasing her reading fluency. Sarah had been accepted into all advanced courses, and wanted to take them, but her mom was concerned that she would simply work herself to exhaustion doing all of the required work. Two of our tutors worked with her to increase her reading skills in a number of two-hour sessions, 32 hours in all. Before beginning the tutoring, Sarah was reading at less than 100 words per minute, but with marvelous comprehension. Our tutors put her through our reading program at a rapid pace.  The tutors were both young women who were amazing at math—and Sarah loved math. So when we designed the program I told the three of them that they could take a fifteen-minute high-level math break in between the nonstop reading instruction and practice.


Three weeks later the tutors told me that they had “accidentally” taught Sarah a lot of Algebra II. Sarah’s family still jokes about her difficult math “breaks” at The Fluency Factory.  Sarah has continued to be an exemplary student – now a senior in high school and doing fabulously well.





James began at the Fluency Factory at age 10, unable to read, write or do any math. He was able to write 17 digits per minute, but you couldn’t read any of them. Over the course of his time at FF, he advanced two reading levels. We continued to work with him as the first student at Beal Street Academy, and now he has read all of the Harry Potter novels, as well as a number of other books and plays. He has always set goals for himself and then worked very hard to achieve them. Despite severe developmental challenges he has always found a way succeed and most importantly, he has never given up on a challenge.




We are quite proud of what Lindsey, now graduated from Dartmouth College, has achieved. She began her work with us by demonstrating a strong work ethic, but our initial skill assessment showed that she was greatly hampered by a lack of phonemic awareness, by a low skill level in phonics, and by very poor basic math skills. She was working extremely hard, but finding herself wading through homework very slowly. Her Algebra II teacher had dropped her because she could not keep up with the class, and she could not keep up with the class because she was spending two hours every night on Spanish. Over the course of one intense summer we helped her boost foundation skills by several years, and we provided her with reading skills and the ability to properly hear sounds, overcoming skill deficits that had hampered her growth previously. These new skills enabled Lindsey to lift her GPA to 3.76.  With further work, she brought her SAT scores to high levels as well. She and her family were thrilled by this recognition of her achievement, and so are we.

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